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Our Culture is Medicine

Our Culture is Medicine

This Black African Culture of the ancient Egyptian civilization, or as these African people called themselves, Kemetian, would introduce to the world the sciences, mathematics, geometry, religion, astronomy, astrology; cosmology, 365-day calendar art, written music, medicine, agriculture, engineering, construction, urban planning, domestication, husbandry, social strata, etc.,-a model that would be emulated by other cultures and societies throughout the world, and influence even contemporary Western civilizations of Europe and the Americas.

By blending ‘Myth, Ritual and Mysticism’ with their philosophy and religion; they created and maintained a culture based on the highest ideals of spirituality, humanism, respect for all life, the planet, the environment and the universe.

This museum demonstrates many complex , highly sophisticated, well organized societies which lasted from 5 500 B.C.E until 30 H.C.E.· longer than any other civilization in the history of humankind.

Visitors to our Museum will be transported visually to another place and time to experience this magnificent, breathtakingly beautiful environment that was the hallmark of this great African civilizations.

Experience this marvelous and fascinating journey back in time when African people lead the human race and set the standard for future civilizations.

Harlem International Museum of Black History & Culture’s goal is to demonstrate not only the universality, continuity and strength of International Black cultures; but, also to demonstrate the interdependence of all cultures historically. Through the use of exhibitions and programs that create a total educational aesthetic environment, we reveal and generate reverence for International Black culture through its artists, scholars and audience. We document the variety of contributions, rich life styles and distinct cultures of persons of African descent showing interdependence of human life and similarities, as well as, the differences that exist throughout the world and among all peoples providing a forum for dialogue and the exchange of ideas.

Harlem International Museum of Black History & Culture’s mission is to expose, to as wide an audience as possible to the international Black experience.

Ancient Africa, a continent rich in high civilization and culture, has dispersed its peoples and cultural traditions throughout the world, bringing substantial and dramatic cultural changes and impact upon old and new societies. Scholars have only recently begun to accurately document the history, culture, and transmigration of African peoples and to correct the negative distortions of past writers and the myths that they’ve created. However, despite the mounting general interest in African culture and its continuities, there remains a continuing vacuum in the knowledge and documentation of the impact of African Culture on the cultures of the Americas, Europe, the Caribbean and Asia.

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